27 years and still going strong

Our distribution is from Red Bluff to Yreka and also throughout Southern Oregon. We distribute to over 100 churches and 400 businesses. Our distribution includes many high traffic locations, including WinCo Market, Grocery Outlet, Holiday Market, Raley’s, Tops Sunset Market, Mini Marts, Gas Stations, Restaurants, Book Stores, Hospitals, Civic Auditorium, Orchard Nutrition and many highly visible locations. Our Demographics reach mainly people between 25-80+. We are very FAMILY oriented.  Our readership has a vast range of income brackets as well.

Our advertisers are very pleased with the clientele they have received through our magazine. A lot of our advertisers have been with us for the duration of the magazine. If we weren’t effective that wouldn’t happen!

We lay out our magazine so that each advertiser has maximum exposure. We keep types of business to a minimum so not to cause competition between companies. We have a very loyal readership and this magazine also is mailed to people throughout the United States.

Low Prices & Great Coverage - Your Best Dollar for Dollar Value!

Our magazine is continually distributed throughout a three-month period for the one time price.  We check our racks regularly to make sure they remain full at all times to get the Maximum Exposure for your Business. So our already low prices can be divided into three and that makes Our Advertising costs less than 1/3 the cost of other publications.

Very Effective Advertising

Most of our previous advertisers have reported that they were pleasantly surprised at the Great Results they were getting from advertising with us.

You reach a unique clientele that you don’t always reach by other venues of marketing. Our readers are encouraged to support the advertisers that make the publication possible. We have reports of our advertisers loving the clientele that this magazine brings.

Thank you for this opportunity to share our publication with you. We would love a chance to sit down and discuss strategies to make your business grow.

We get Results! For our Reasonable Ad Rates and more Information call or email us: (530) 247-7500 or joyfullivingmagazineredding@gmail.com