Mission Statement

Our goal is to give you the best magazine possible. Joyful Living Magazine is committed to embracing a lifestyle of joy and abundance.

We are platform for beauty, goodness and grace. We value inspired thinking and embrace changing seasons. We honor your legacy and where you are from.

Our desire is to serve and respect our community. Our intention is to bring valuable resources as our diverse natural surroundings.

We devote this magazine to you and bless your journey today, tomorrow and always.

Grateful is our foundation. Love is where we live. We are Joy. We are Full. We are Living.


Our goal is to have articles that are as diversified as the readership. We are multi generational.


This Publication began in the early part of 1992 and called The Christian Quarterly. A woman gave founder Ralph Bagley a “word from the Lord” at the Palo Cedro Assembly of God church, telling him that God wanted him to start a Christian newspaper. Shortly after the start, a retired pastor named Max Hawes introduced himself to Ralph and let him know that he had been praying that God would start a Christian newspaper in Northern California, and that he would love to become involved. The relationship that started between Pastor Hawes and the Christian Quarterly lasted until Pastor Hawes went to be with the Lord, He was both mentor, and friend to Ralph, Cathy, and Garthe. He played a huge part in the foundation of this publication. We still miss him a lot.

In 1993 Cathy Jansen went to work for The Christian Quarterly selling advertising. In 1995 Ralph felt like the Lord was leading him to start an edition of the paper in Medford, Oregon, Cathy took over the edition in Redding, California and Ralph went to Medford to start that edition. In 1999 Pastor Hawes asked Cathy a question the question, “How would you like to be the publisher of a national magazine”? At that time we had no idea what that entailed, as it was a small black and white tabloid. Because of all the confirmations in the past all of us involved felt sure that it was the Lord. Where we are today is a result of walking out those words. Both Ralph and Cathy have had many confirmations given to them from numerous people from all parts of the nation about this magazine going national. At this time we are still working on funding and man power to accomplish this task.

In 2012 we changed our format to a color glossy magazine and Joyful Living was birthed. Over the years our format has changed. We are now a practical magazine dedicated to all walks of life and encouraging articles to help people in their daily life. We have a variety of writers, all eager to share their stories on how their lives have become purposeful and how.

The main audiences for Joyful Living: Are seekers to find joy in their lives and learn how Faith and dedication can be a life changer. This magazine is a character builder and stories will relate to everyday living and how to be victorious over our situations.